Google AdWords

Be Seen On The World’s Number One Search Engine… It’s Where Your Business Needs To Be!

Founded in 1998, Google quickly became the most preferred search engine and has remained at the top ever since.

Google’s simple search facility allows users to type in exactly what they’re looking for and its algorithm helps to find…

relevant results quickly.


In the UK, over 88% of all online searches on desktop and nearly 95% of mobile searches are conducted using Google. (StatCounter, November 2015)


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Google AdWords is a system that allows businesses to buy space at the top of the search results at a reasonable rate. We look at the most relevant search terms your customers are likely to use to find a business like yours.

We then ‘bid’ a cash amount to guarantee your business will be placed nearer the top of the search results for those terms. The best part is that you don’t pay a penny unless a potential customer clicks on your advert. Quite simply it’s Pay Per Click.

We work with Premier Google Partners with vast levels of knowledge and experience to ensure that everything is managed professionally on your behalf.

The really clever bit

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We use technology that ‘learns’ which of the search terms provide the best results.

Budgets then get reallocated so that you gain more leads for your money.

Over time, your campaign should continue to produce a better and better performance.

And, everything is completely measurable.

You can even listen back to telephone calls from customers who get in touch as a result of your Google advert.


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Social Media Advertising

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