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How can Social Media work for you?

You probably have a pretty good idea of who your customers are and what makes them tick. Facebook and Twitter know who uses their pages very intimately. This means that social media campaigns are a very effective way of reaching people who may not yet be aware of your services and turn them into customers.

Facebook & Twitter campaigns are designed to fulfil a number of marketing aims:


Facebook Logo Purple Boosting your posts

Instagram 2Promoting your social media page

Website IconSending people to your website

App Store Promoting an app

Event icon Raising attendance at an event


The possibilities are endless and the options that you have to promote your business through these platforms will only expand as time goes on.

The most popular campaign option is to send people to your website, primarily because it not only allows people to see your full range of products/services and explore your website but it also has a knock on effect on your website’s Google ranking.

There are a number of advert designs available but some of our most effective Facebook campaigns are composed of a series of images on a “slider” or carousel format.  These ads are delivered directly to relevant users’ newsfeeds and are classed as sponsored advertisements.



This type of advertisement encourages user engagement and also allows you to showcase different parts of your business. However the main premise is to get people to click through to your website where they can research you further and make the decision to use you now or in the future.

The knock on effect of people clicking through to your website is that Google fully recognises users from Facebook as a source of legitimate traffic, primarily due to the information that you have to impart when creating a Facebook profile (age, gender, name, address, email address etc).

Google only wants relevant websites in their search results and so the more real people you have visiting your website, the higher your ranking could be when people search for your products or services.

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Branded Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ Page Design Also Available From £25 + VAT Per Platform

We also provide branded Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages for those businesses who are yet to establish them. We are also able to implement a “likes” campaign for Facebook, targeted to gain organic followers.

Given Facebook’s detailed targeting systems we can make sure that they are people who have a genuine interest in your services and your industry. Our like campaigns are specifically targeted to reach people who will be most interested in your services.

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Social Media Advertising

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