Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising 2

Change the way you attract customers

Reach a huge audience


Facebook Logo Purple 36 Million UK Facebook Users

Twitter logo 15 Million UK Twitter Users

Google+ 72% of UK online adults have a current social networking profile

Facebook Logo Purple The average UK Facebook user views their News feed 11-14 times a day.

Handshake We can connect your business with this audience.

Social Media is great for targeting

targeting 3


Targeting 4 By customer demographics

Targeting 4 By location

Targeting 4 By interests and behavioural traits

Targeting 4 That means you can talk to specific customer types… Those who are most likely to buy from you.

Campaigns can be designed and implemented quickly


Our team will be able to design a great ad and display it to thousands of potential customers within days!! Great if you have:

Speed icon 2 A specific event to promote

Speed icon 2 A product launch

Speed icon 2 A special offer or discount

Speed icon 2 Or just want more customers to know about you

Our campaigns are tailored to suit you and your marketing goals. Do you want more:


tape measure Web visitors and sales

tape measure Facebook page likes

tape measure Twitter followers

tape measure People to visit your shop/showroom

tape measure Email enquiries

tape measure Incoming phone calls


Connect with a brand new audience

reach out 1

Your advert will be delivered to potential customers wherever they are:

Handshake In the workplace

Handshake At home

Handshake On the move

Handshake 76% of UK adults use a smartphone.


Browsing habits are changing and people are online more frequently and for longer.

We set a cap on your investment so that costs will never spiral out of control. Once the budget cap has been reached, the campaign is taken offline.

We will provide full and detailed analytics to show just how well your advert has performed, this in turn will demonstrate the value for money and potential ROI.

It’s fantastic value, change the way you attract customers – Get in touch today.


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Social Media Marketing