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Through social media, your business can reach a massive online population of local individuals…


Who are: 

Facebook Logo Purple Attentive and information hungry

Comprise of: 

Twitter logo Influencers and followers who help to shape popular attitudes

And are: 

Instagram 2Predisposed to sharing information and content with their peers


Most business owners agree that ‘word of mouth’ is their best form of recommendation.  Social Media allows users to endorse products, services and brands to their network of friends and contacts.  It’s word of mouth… online!

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That means Social Media is a great channel to communicate your brand values, build a strong reputation and grow a large following among the online community.


By supplying a regular stream of engaging and relevant content and encouraging higher levels of interaction.



We offer a range of social media marketing packages to suit businesses’ individual needs and budgets. Our in-house writers will post a rich variety of social media content to your pages on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with the day to day running of your business.

We can present your brand and services in a positive way to a very receptive audience.  Our experience allows us to get the right balance of subject matter to retain the interest of your audience – after all, we know how quickly people can disengage if things become dull!


The process

A Dentons Digital team member will visit your business to conduct an initial in-depth consultation in order to highlight business goals, identify customer demographics and generate a schedule of events/content ideas.

We will also make recommendations regarding the look and layout of your website and social media business profile pages to ensure they’re as welcoming as possible.  (Website development can be provided if necessary at additional cost.)

We will then devise a package to best suit your needs and budget.  Our social media marketing packages typically include Google+, Facebook or Twitter as these three platforms have the most users.  However, our packages are very flexible to suit individual requirements and other more specialised platforms.

Your account manager will visit your business regularly to review:


Targeting 4 Performance parameters (such as traffic to website, pages viewed, bounce rates, time spent on site, traffic sources etc)

Speed icon 2 Performance analysis of content/posts and engagement levels so that we can evolve our approach to most effectively reach future potential customers

Event icon Plans for the coming months in terms of content matter, events and activities.


Our campaigns are designed to run for a minimum of 6-12 months in order to demonstrate tangible levels of ongoing audience growth and engagement over time.


We’ll work out the best ways to grow the number of people who like or follow your business. Once they’re on board, we will regularly publish fresh and relevant content to your timeline and news feeds to remind them about your business and maintain their interest.

The idea is to maximise positive engagement and interaction with your followers. With the right prompts, we can encourage your fans to recommend your business to their network of social contacts. Hey presto, you’ll soon be reaching a wider group of loyal customers than you ever thought possible!

Plus, all this new interaction can help to improve your organic ranking on a certain well known market leading search engine. That’s a pretty good bonus!

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Social Media Advertising

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